Great words grow businesses.

We give you the right words to grab customer’s attention and grow your business. 

Are boring words stopping your impact and holding you back?

When it comes to your business, you’re an expert. You know what you do, and you do it well. But when it comes to talking about what you do? Well, let’s just say … your words are falling flat. They feel stale, uninspiring, and even downright confusing.

The trouble is, finding words that feel like your business — you know, that fits your brand and personality — can lead you to sitting at a blank screen for just. too. long. So, you find yourself settling for the same ol’ words you’ve always used. Like “synergy” and “optimize” to sound smart, but really, you’re just losing your audience.

It shouldn’t be so hard to write words that connect with your audience and communicate what you do so that more people will buy from you.

Since 2019, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their business and their audience with the right words. So whether you need words on a website, for your email list, or to share on social media, we can write it.

Go ahead, start dreaming of a day when you don’t have to think about what to say about your business. Because, with Felty Co., you’ll have the right words at all times to grow your business and your audience.

Hey there! I'm Jill.

Felty Co. Owner & Digital Strategist

Hi, I’m Jill. I’m the owner, head writer, and StoryBrand Certified Guide at Felty Co. Creative Marketing, and I believe you deserve a message that you’re thrilled to share — one that connects with your audience and books more calls than ever before.

And we can’t wait to help give you the megaphone so that you can reach more people with an incredible message.

How we help you grow

Get your message and marketing back on track with our marketing services that help connect to your ideal audience and grow your business. 

Brand Messaging

Get a clear message that helps you know what to say every time someone asks “what do you do?” 

Sales Funnels

Put your message to work with compelling copy on your website, in emails, and on lead generators. 

Social Media

Kick the headaches with simple social media management. We’ll post for you so you don’t have to.